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Brevard County Property Management has been providing Brevard County property management services and community association management services since 1994. Our highly trained staff consists of licensed property management and community association management professionals, trained accountants, and highly skilled maintenance personnel available to provide quality services for competative prices. We provide property management and community association management for all areas of Brevard County including Melbourne, Palm Bay, Rockledge, Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, & Satellite Beach. When you hire us as your property management company you can expect the following:
  • Set Rent Levels (Brevard County Property Management) - Our Brevard County property managers analyze the rental market by comparing your rental property to similar rental properties in the same area. Our goal is to set rent levels at a price that will produce the most long-term income. This means that it may sometimes be smarter to set your rent level at a discount rate that will keep your property rented avoiding months of vacancy and lost rental income.

  • Advertising (Brevard County Property Management) - We know what Brevard County renters are looking for and how to attract them. When your rental property goes vacant, we ensure that it gets the most exposure possible to keep it from going vacant for extended periods. We also take the time to meet potential tenants to show your property and point out its advantages.

  • Managing Tenants
    • Screening Potential Tenants (Brevard County Property Management) - When our Brevard County property managers find potential tenants for your rental property we screen them to ensure that you have reliable and respectful tenants. We verify their income to ensure they can afford the rental payments, check their credit, rental history and criminal history. This is to protect your cash flows and your rental investment.
    • Property Inspection (Brevard County Property Management) - We reguarly inspect your property to ensure that your renters are abiding by the lease agreement and are being respectful of your property.

  • Collecting Rent Payments (Brevard County Property Management)
    • Our property management company sets due dates and enforces late fees to ensure your rental cash-flow is consistent and predictable.
    • In the event that a rental payment is late we write and deliver written notices
    • If a tenant is past-due we do what is necessary to collect payments. If payments are not received within a specified time-frame we perform all the legal requirements to notify and evict non-paying tenants
  • Maintenance & Repairs (Brevard County Property Management) - We regularly inspect your property and perform preventive maintenance to keep your property in top shape. We have spent years shopping around for vendors and have a large network of professional and affordable contractors who perform quality work for affordable prices. We also have our own highly skilled maintenance staff that can perform repairs at lower rates than outside contractors.

  • Complaint Resolution (Brevard County Property Management) - When complaints or emergencies arise we do what is necessary to remedy the situation.

We provide property management services for all of Brevard County...

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Brevard County Property Management
Brevard County is a county that takes up 1557 square miles on the east coast of Florida known for its beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches, long winding rivers such as the St. Johns River, preserves, wetlands and wildlife. If you love nature, fishing, surfing or other outdoor activities, then obviously Brevard County Florida has something to offer. Brevard County is also world famous for the Kennedy Space Center which has influenced it being known as the Space Coast and also possibly the area code 321, as in 3-2-1 BLASTOFF! It�s no wonder so many retirees from up north (Snowbirds) like to call Brevard County their home in their later years.

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